Ways To Write a Bibliography with Examples For Students

July 12 2023

Writing a research paper or thesis involves a lot of research work. Students must consult various sources to gather reliable information and support their points. Research papers include a bibliography, which can be tricky for students. Learn how to write a bibliography in multiple styles and find basic examples below.

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What is a Bibliography?

A bibliography consists of sources and resources an author uses in his/her academic work. It is suitable for practically all academic writing assignments, including research work, thesis, essays, and reports. It is helpful when a journalist wishes to provide credit to their sources for an article, presentation, or video. 

A bibliography is almost always necessary in academic writing. Plagiarism is a major offense that can result in a failing or rejection of your work. It can also be defined as the deletion of a bibliography or the inclusion of one that is incorrect, incomplete, or fabricated.

A bibliography serves several purposes. These consist of the following:

  • Proving to your teacher that you did the required research for your project.
  • Giving credit to the writers of your sources for their work.
  • Make it simple for everyone who reads your work and locates the sources you utilized in your writing.

What Are the Different Types of Bibliographies?

Before learning about how to write a Bibliography, let's look at some of the types of it:

Analytical Bibliography

An analytical bibliography shows how a piece of literature developed from document to issued book or article. The physical characteristics of each referenced source, such as the number of pages, the binding style, and any illustrations, are described in this sort of bibliography.

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography has brief comments explaining why the author selected each source. These brief annotations often reflect or summarize the source and may be several words long.

National Bibliography

A national bibliography compiles sources written in a certain country or region. So, to write a bibliography like this, you need to classify works by the time they were published.

Personal Bibliography

An author's or group of writers' various works are included in a personal bibliography. Personal bibliographies frequently contain items that are hard to discover elsewhere, such as unpublished works.

Enumerative Bibliography

The simplest kind of bibliography is an enumerative one. It is a collection of research sources frequently arranged according to certain criteria, such as alphabetically by authors' last names or in groups by topic or language.

Subject Bibliography

In subject bibliographies, books are categorized by the themes they address. These bibliographies often identify both primary and secondary sources, as opposed to other enumerative bibliographies, such as personal bibliographies, which may not.

Corporate Bibliography

A corporate bibliography groups materials by how they relate to a particular company. The sources may pertain to an organization. Also, they can produce or own that piece of content. 

How Is A Bibliography Structured?

All bibliographies adhere to a common structure, even though each style guide has its formatting guidelines. Different Academic Writing Services provide easy and effective ways to learn these styles.

The following are important considerations to make while structuring your bibliography correctly:

  • A header appears on every page of a bibliography. According to the style guide you're following, format this header.
  • There is a title for every bibliography, such as "Works Cited," "References," or just "Bibliography."
  • Lists comprise bibliographies. Then arrange them according to the style guide you're using.
  • Arrange your sources alphabetically by the writers' last names or titles, whichever is appropriate. The exceptions include a single-author bibliography or one that organizes sources based on a common trait.
  • Double space is important while building your bibliography. Usually using the same typeface as the papers they accompany, bibliographies should be in a readable font.
  • Properly compiling your bibliography.

How To Write A Bibliography?

There are certain ways to write a bibliography: 

MLA Works Cited Page

The works cited bibliography pages are called MLA style. This writing style is popular for academic writing in the humanities, such as English and History. 

Thus, it provides criteria for referencing sources like plays, films, and pieces of visual art—sources you could use for these courses but possibly not for scientific and business courses. So, if you are writing a MLA Bibliography, here are some things you need to keep in your mind:

Books are cited in MLA style as follows:

First and last names. Name of the book. Publisher, City of Publication, and Publication Date.

Include the book's city of publication if it was published before 1900, comes from a publisher with locations overseas, or is from a publisher with little recognition in the US. If not, this can be omitted.

The following format is useful to cite academic works:

Author(s). the "Title of Article." Periodical title, Day, Month, Year, and Pages.

APA References Page

The bibliography page is named References in APA format. The style is common in psychological research, healthcare, business, and the social sciences. This format incorporates citation guidelines for data-heavy research and technical articles, the sources you'll probably use for academic writing in these subjects. So, if you are writing an APA Bibliography, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Books are cited in the following way in APA format:

First initial, last name. In the year of publication. Name of the work. Author's name.

DOI, or digital object identifier.

The following format is useful to cite academic works:

Authors. (Year released). Article's title. Title of Periodical, Volume (Issue) Number, and Page Range (i.e., 10–15) of Article. URL.

Chicago Manual of Style

The author-date system and the notes and bibliography system are both acceptable formats for bibliographies according to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS). In contrast to the latter, this pattern is popular in the sciences and social sciences.

Both systems feature instructions for citing sources in a paper's body pages and a bibliography that appears after the text. The bibliography is the title of this list. So, to write a Bibliography like this, use this format:

A book is mentioned in CMoS in the following way:

First and last names. Name of the book. Publisher, Place of Publication, and Publication Year.

A citation for a scholarly publication should look like this:

First and last names. The "Article Title." Page numbers of the paper (i.e., 10-15) in Journal Title volume number 58, no. Issue number (year published).

These are some of the ways of constructing your bibliography. You can also check out other writing styles like Tips for Meeting Essay Deadlines and How to Write a Reflective Essay. We have proper Best Academic Writing Services in Karachi, Pakistan.

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